Musica Reginae Productions


Musica Reginae is proud of the artists we bring to you, but most of all we are proud of our supporters! They make it all possible. If you live in Queens you probably know at least one of our contributors and may very well be one yourself. Take a look at our list — that’s grassroots America, your neighbors, in action.

Tip O ’Neill, former Speaker of the House in the U.S. Congress, famously said “All politics is local,” and so is charity. Did you know that 80% of private charitable gifts and contributions come from the public, from everyman or everywoman, from you?! And, because public support is so vital to the health and quality of American life, our government makes these gifts tax-deductible.

So, thanks to Uncle Sam and cousin Sue, we are able to entertain you with Queens’ own fine music — right here in your “backyard.”

The following people make Musica Reginae events possible: